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BasketNews GM survey 2022: new EuroLeague format & first task for Bodiroga / News - Basketnews.com


The EuroLeague managers urged a format change that would include more teams making the playoffs, as the BasketNews GM survey shows.

Credit: EuroLeague, Marko Metlas - Getty Images/BasketNews illustration Credit EuroLeague, Marko Metlas - Getty Images/BasketNews illustration

For the second consecutive year, BasketNews proudly presents the EuroLeague general managers survey 2022.

Most EuroLeague GMs shared their views on off-season moves, the competition's future, and 2022-23 season predictions.

In the second part of the survey, we present responses on the EuroLeague future, which include playoff format change ideas, the next Final Four host, and the first tasks for the new administration of Dejan Bodiroga and Marshall Glickman.

The upcoming BasketNews GM survey editions will be published in the coming days.

They will contain new season predictions and picks that define the best of the best.

BasketNews GM survey 2022:

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First EuroLeague change

It's been one month since Dejan Bodiroga was appointed as the new EuroLeague president, and Marshall Glickman started serving as the new CEO.

In its survey, BasketNews asked general managers what the first change they expect from the new administration would be.

One-third of the GMs urge for a format change. However, they have different views on how the competition could develop.

Some GMs want more clubs and fewer games. For example, there was a suggestion of having 20 EuroLeague teams, with the last two relegated to the EuroCup every year.

Some others want more games and a deeper playoff format that would include more teams.

Credit EuroLeague

An income increase, salary cap, and unity of the shareholders were also among the most popular suggestions.

One general manager wishes to make space for FIBA international windows on the schedule.

Others prioritized the transparency and stability of the EuroLeague.

Change Vote cast 1. New format 30.7% 2-4. Income increase 15.4% 2-4. Salary cap 15.4% 2-4. Unity 15.4% Who are Bodiroga and Glickman and where are they taking the EuroLeague?

Playoff seeds

The majority of the EuroLeague GMs offered a format change, but not all of them agreed with the idea of expanding the number of teams making the playoffs.

35.7% of the GMs wish to keep the current format, with eight teams hitting the playoffs.

However, half of the respondents prefer more teams in the playoff stage.

The majority of the general managers would like to have 12 clubs able to earn a playoff berth.

There was a proposal on the survey of 10-team playoffs, which probably suggests the model of the play-in format. The top six seeds would be granted automatic playoff berths, with 7th through 10th entering the play-in tournament.

One general manager would like to have 16-team playoffs. That might be related to the 20-team regular season format idea.

Another general manager would like to see a cup tournament organized in the middle of the season that would include eight teams.

However, as he admitted, the current schedule complicates it.

Playoff seeds Vote cast 1. 12 50% 2. 8 35.7%

Next Final Four host

The majority of the EuroLeague general managers would like to have an upcoming Final Four in Kaunas.

As BasketNews sources confirmed, Kaunas remains the front-runner to host the Final Four 2023.

Two other destinations with the most votes also had their case for the hosting rights.

Istanbul was the primary candidate to take the torch from Istanbul, but the plans changed when Jordi Bertomeu left the CEO position.

Barcelona, another Top 3 mention in the survey, was also considered by the EuroLeague management, per BasketNews sources.

EuroLeague GMs came up with a few other cities, such as Tel Aviv, Munich, Prague, Madrid, Paris, and London.

Host Vote cast 1. Kaunas 28.6% 2-3. Istanbul 14.3% 2-3. Barcelona 14.3%

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